New Book! Delayed But Not Denied

Readers of this book will be uplifted and encouraged by stories of miracles, hope and answered prayers.  Each author’s experience represents real life demonstrations the biblical verse that all things are possible for those who trust and believe in the power of God and press towards their goals without ceasing.  The chapters address overcoming a wide-range of real-life challenges including domestic violence, coping with loss of loved ones, financial struggles, sexual abuse, homelessness, learning disabilities, being a single parent, illness, abandonment and more.

The cadre of writers include life coaches, ministers, business professionals and avid writers who have contributed their live experiences of healing and growth. Each story is sure to not only inspire but also touch the soul. The authors show through faith and action, that anyone can not only survive, but can overcome and thrive.  Many of the lessons learned by the authors have become the platforms that they use to help others who may have encountered similar situations. This book now serves as another way to extend their message to the world.

New Book
Not Delayed But Not Denied: 20 Inspirational Stories About Life and Resiliency, Compiled by Toni Coleman Brown & Julia D. Shaw

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