Reinvention is the Key to Success!


Each day I wake I seek insight to make my life and the world a better place.


Book cover for new book release in Fall 2013

Book cover for nee book released in Fall 2013

Check out the beautiful book cover of Network to Increase Net Worth! I am of the 30 amazing co-authors!

Network to Increase Your Net Worth!

Network to Increase Your Net Worth!. I am a co-author in a new book due out in Fall 2013



I have wasted time and energy wanting to change myself to be better and do better, not realizing I must except and embrace who I am at this moment in time. Then go forward, doing my best to apply the wisdom of experience to each breathe I take going forward. I want to smile and make others smile. I want to laugh and make others laugh! I want to love and be loved. It’s that simple!!!

The Joy of a New Beginning-A New Year! A New Day! A New Blog!

This blog has been part of my thoughts for a while. I have many ideas, thoughts and experiences that I want to share with the pray that these words will make a different in someone’s life.